Here comes the summer

Festival design

I was the artist in residence for ITGWO 2015 and that means as well for Here comes the summer 2015, a smaller three-day gathering à la Into the great wide open festival but just as grand. As part of my role, I designed various communications for the pre-festival. Both online and offline designs began with an empty cloud that was later filled with the names of the participating artists.

Into the great wide open

  • Collaboration: Jimme Bakker
  • Filed: Artist in residence, Identity, Merch
  • Year: 2015
This ‘empty cloud’ facilitated a versatile range of designs all contributing to the communication of the festival starting off with the website.
Before and during the Here comes the summer festival, the Into the great wide open website transforms to accommodate communication space for Here comes the summer.
As soon as all the artist names were announced, the cloud could be filled, updating all designs accordingly.
For the poster, we had to transition from our vibrant web colors to new choices suitable for print.
Similarly, for the festival wristbands, we shifted from digital colors to fabric-friendly hues. The repetition of <18 and 18+ symbols, combined with a simple design, produces a woven pattern effect.
For the program and timetable, we opted for a folded A5 flyer to A2 poster format. Inside, you'll find the quote "Het enige ritme dat geld is van de oneindige golf binnenloopt," which translates to "The only rhythm that counts is that of the infinite wave coming in."