F.R.E.S & H

Fresh school of dance icons & diplomas

I designed diploma certificates for Fresh school of dance, with an ABC concept inspired by swimming diplomas. Each letter of "Fresh" corresponds to a diploma, representing the essential elements of becoming a skilled dancer at Fresh.

Dansschool Fresh

  • Raymond Truijen
  • Filed: Diploma, Icon, Identity, Type
  • Year: 2014
Honor is specially created for those who may not achieve all aspects of Fresh but still deserve recognition for their contribution to the dance school.

Often this honor is bestowed upon a parent or guardian.

"F" for Foundation:
You know your foundation.

"R" for Rhythm:
You got rhythm.

"E" for Expression:
You know how to express yourself.

"S" for Strength:
Hard practice made you strong.

"H" for Honor:
You are honored.