Elements of Hiphop

Together We Stand merch

Back in 2017, I created a unique symbol for Together We Stand that represents the four elements of hip-hop: breaking, DJ'ing, MC'ing, and graffiting. This infographic illustrates how these elements intertwine with the core values of peace, unity, love, and having fun, further divided into foundation technique and creativity, converging at the heart of Together We Stand.

To celebrate and share this message, we produced two sets of T-shirts. Tee 1 features the TWS Hip-hop logo on the front, with the "O" incorporating the symbol, and the complete infographic on the back. Tee 2 displays the quote "You might win some" on the front and "You just lost one" on the back.

Together we stand, Ghent

  • Sam de Waele
  • Filed: Artist in residence, Icon, Identity, Logos, merch
  • Year: 2017
Hip-hop infographic
TWS Tees 2017