Hello, my name is Johnny Brankaert. I am a Dutch graphic designer providing art direction and design services.

Self portrait by Tyson & Marvin – Exposition at De Annex – Sketches for Breaking Vlaanderen

Johnny Brankaert (1988). As a graphic designer, I am adept at embracing change to maintain self, and I have a great passion for systems and innovation. My expertise lies in custom typography, which strengthens your brand's communication and delivers its message clearly.

ResearchKnowing where we come from helps map out our journey.
My approach towards design is well-researched and carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of each project, resulting in highly considerate work. Thorough analysis with a custom view, aligned closely with the vision at hand, often leads to valuable long-term partnerships.
DesignCraft paves the way as our journey becomes the destination.
For me, typography plays a central role in my work. It's usually my starting point as it allows me to explore the boundaries and limitations of the project. I have delivered dozens of custom typefaces to help my clients thrive in their market through unique, one-of-a-kind designs.
ReflectionIt's all about our roots and the journey we make.
With almost a decade of experience in the creative field, I've worked with international and national businesses, ranging from industry giants to independent entrepreneurs of all sizes. I'm always eager to keep making new work and excited about future collaborations.